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Welcome Cryptoholics and Meme Fiends

Jolly Rita


That’s me. My main avatar anyway. It’s a reasonable representation of my pirate self.

Jolly Rita

Jolly Rita

Meet our mascot and alter ego. Rita is a real pirate and does and says things that we wouldn’t dare.

Tattoo Artist Duo


One of my first memes and one of my most recent. The style may vary but the message stays the same. 

Our Works

For Better or Worse

I took some graphic design classes many years ago and worked for quite a while in the printing industry. I really miss the creative aspect of my previous occupation and memes are the perfect creative outlet for me. Making them, looking at them, stealing them, collecting them, and sharing them. I love coming up with just the right meme at just the right moment. I’m just a hack but I have a good eye and some wit and I make it work. Most of the time anyway. Did I mention that I like memes?


Bet you didn’t know we write poetry

It’s an old one that I added to a fitting image. There may be more eventually.