from meme queen to merch machine

I was half-assed working on a post about how I became interested in crypto and the challenges I faced learning about it. All the dumb things I did as a n00b and how good it felt when I finally got it. Well, enough of it anyway. There is just so much new technology with more being developed every day. I can never hope to keep up with it all. I’m content with my very basic understanding of the blockchain and that...

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“You say you want a revolution well you know, we all want to change the world” [i] But what can one person do against the powers that be? Drowning in the quagmire of (dis)information floating around in this digital age, busy and distracted as we are, have we taken a moment to even ask ourselves, how do we feel about the current state of our lives, our nation, and the Earth itself for that matter? Just what is the answer...

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